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A Trusted Industrial Instrumentation Sales and Process Measurement Company – Specialists in Process Control Engineering and Metrological Calibration Services

Whether the application relates to a small project, mid-to-large sized plant operation, or a larger central utility building, customers rely on J&W Instruments because they need instrumentation sales specialists, a process measurement company with process control experts, metrology calibration services or simply to find a cost effective way to upgrade or improve existing equipment. They need it done as efficiently as possible, both in terms of time and budget, but also in terms of making sure that the equipment they purchase is going to last and achieve maximum results. Above all, they want to know the company they are entrusting will be there, from component selection and application design all the way through installation and ongoing service and support.

At J&W, we understand what it takes. It is our mission to give our clients the ultimate advantage of execution, performance and profitable operation of their applications and instrumentation and control equipment. With single-source accountability and the highest quality process control equipment manufacturers behind us, we have the technical expertise to guide our customers’ decisions and help them implement the most efficient and effective systems available.


Since our inception in 1972, our team has been accumulating specialized knowledge, expertise and real-world industrial applications experience across many different industries including food & beverage, oil & gas, refining, chemical and petrochemical, industrial power generation, water and wastewater, pulp and paper, mining and minerals, nutrition and life sciences and agriculture.  These broad ranging experiences have brought us to where we are today and significantly increased the value we bring to our customers and the diverse marketplace sectors we operate in.

We understand that each client’s project needs can be unique in terms of scope, requirements and complexity. Therefore, we offer flexible approaches to each engagement with a dedicated and cooperative team responsible and accountable for managing each client’s project. Our quality oriented strategy is designed to advance and accelerate the reception of project deliverables while utilizing value measurement techniques that ensure the engagements are traceable, track-able and achieve the defined goals on time and on budget.



Our senior process control engineering and instrumentation specialists each have more than 20 years of experience in design, planning, assisting, executing and managing projects for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Outstanding customer service, foresight and innovation combined with staying current in today’s best practices is how we continue to bring quality and value to our customers. Countless years of industry experience, regulatory knowledge and accomplishments in assessing compliance risks, qualifies us to recommend the most cost-effective and practical solutions.

Find Instrumentation and Process Control Experts in Minneapolis MN and St. Paul Minnesota, the Twin Cities.

We support each client documenting the necessary deliverables as needed for efficient compliance management in accordance with today’s best control engineering practices. We recommend and produce deliverables and services based on what’s important to each client’s unique needs and by continuously evaluating our progress towards those parameters and goals. We begin each project by establishing context and definition to the client’s requirements for success. Based on those requirements, project planning is initiated and assessments of plausible risks are evaluated.

J&W Instruments provides quality products and services designed to fit your budget. Our team strives to bring you the best products and the best customer service. We specialize in providing a single source solution and to give our customers the freedom to get on with what they are good at, while we do the same. Whatever the equipment or service, we will always aim to provide you quick, efficient service, at the lowest possible cost.

Instrumentation Sales and Service

While many instrumentation service providers concentrate solely on instrumentation sales and instrument testing, J&W Instruments’ professional control instrumentation specialists, technicians and process control engineers are also experts at designing, installing, programming, tuning and troubleshooting for a broad range of applications and Process Control Systems (PCS). Our experts have many years of product knowledge and specialized application experience, which allows us to provide suggestions and solutions specifically designed to increase the efficiency of your facility and your team as well as the return on your investment.

Some of the many areas in which our instrumentation experts can assist you are:

• Instrument Justification
• Industrial Instrumentation
• Smart Instrumentation
• Nuclear Level Instrumentation
• Pressure, Temperature, Flow, and Level Measurement Applications
• Control Valve Sizing and Selection
• Calibration and Commissioning
• Pneumatic Instruments and Controls
• Alarm Panels
• Analyzer Applications/Sample Systems
• Gas Detection and Chromatographs
• Analog/Digital Electronics
• Hardwired Relay Controls
• Load Cells and Weight Systems
• Vibration Monitoring
• Asset Monitoring


With our flagship office and instrumentation laboratory near St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota, plus satellite offices in three different states, we are positioned to service much of the Midwest including all of Minnesota, all of Wisconsin, plus parts of South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Northern Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our long history of successful projects across the Midwest allows us to maintain strong partnerships and affiliations with key leaders in technology and hardware.

We strive to meet our customer’s needs by maintaining a broad range of product lines and the fastest and most reliable procurement, delivery and services in the region. We are proud to offer products and equipment from brand recognized, premium quality process control equipment manufacturers that can fit practically any budget. With continued investments in technological advancements, personnel, facilities, education and equipment, we continue to grow, consistently improving valuable services and offerings to our customers.

Complete Process Control Services From All Aspects

Control System Solutions

Through decades of proven and successful industrial control systems (ICS) engineering and project completion, J&W Instruments has developed the experience and expertise required to ensure the successful consultation and implementation of your projects regardless of complexity or scope.

Our Process Control Services range from single component options to upgrading or enhancing your current system, plus turnkey plant-wide process control solutions.

We have been providing component and instrumentation sales, best-in-class system design, installation and integration services for all sized businesses from the smallest of businesses to brand recognized Fortune 500 sized companies since 1972.

Our instrumentation and control engineering company has amassed an extraordinary amount of real-world experience in specification and component selection, consulting, design, installation, metrology and calibration as well as programming and implementing many types of industrial control systems (ICS).

With extensive laboratory and field-proven experience, plus specialized mastery in various industrial controls, including ICS design, Process Control Systems (PCS) sales, PCS software, PCS compliance, PCS repair and numerous other applications and hybrid control solutions, chances are our consultants and advanced process control specialists are qualified to assist your business with practically anything from single component selection to world-class systems designed to meet your project’s budget and performance requirements.


Our industry recognized Instrumentation and Process Control Experts provide comprehensive and trustworthy solutions in the following categories, plus much more:

  • Instrumentation and Industrial Controls Procurement
  • Process Control System – PCS Compliance
  • Control Instrument Services
  • Process Control System – PCS Services
  • PCS Commissioning
  • PCS Project Management
  • PCS Software
  • PCS Compliance
  • PCS Maintenance Service
  • BPCS Software
  • Industrial Control System – ICS Services
  • Industrial Control Systems Design
  • ICS Project Management
  • ICS Software
  • ICS Compliance
  • Distributed Control Systems – DCS
  • Industrial DCS System Design
  • DCS Project Management
  • Open Platform Communications – OPC Services
  • OPC Project Management
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – SCADA Services
  • SCADA System Design
  • SCADA Software
  • SCADA Programming Services
  • SCADA Maintenance Service
  • SCADA Repair Services
  • Remote Terminal Unit – RTU SCADA Service
  • PC Based Process Control
  • PC Controller Programming
  • Programmable Logic Controller – PLC Services
  • PLC Commissioning
  • PLC Project Management
  • PLC Programming Service
  • PLC Repair Service
  • Proportional Integral Derivative – PID Services
  • PID Commissioning
  • PID Software
  • PID Programming Service
  • PID Repair Service
  • Human Machine Interface – HMI Software Sales
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems – MES Software Sales
  • Industrial Automation Products Procurement
  • Industrial Automation Software Procurement
  • Control of temperature, flow and filling level
  • Closed Loop Process Control and Binary Control Systems
  • Distributed Control System (DCS) Integration, Maintenance
  • Integrated Control and Safety System – ICSS Services Integration, Maintenance
  • ICSS Software
  • Batch Analysis and Automation Technologies
  • Reverse Engineering of Industrial Control Systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair Services

With flexible support and maintenance plans, hardware and software upgrades, plus access to our technical instrumentation experts and ICS consultants, J&W can offer your company support and a number of customized solutions to address your requirements across many different PCS devices and hybrid control engineering applications.

Discover the best Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) panels and distributed control system (DCS) experts.

J&W’s portfolio includes best-in-class control systems, universal channel technologies, third-party system migration and comprehensive turnkey visualization and virtualization solutions.

Our expert team of senior consultants, engineers and technicians specialize in many different types of process control systems including distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), human machine interface (HMI), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), which individually work to gather and transmit critical data obtained through your manufacturing processes.

Our Process Control Systems (PCS) Maintenance, Support and Upgrade Services include:

  • Industrial Process Control Equipment, Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
  • Control System Integration
  • Distributed Control Systems – DCS Process Control
  • Open Platform Communications – OPC Process Control
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • PC Based Process Control
  • Engineered Process Controls
  • Food, Chemical Process Control
  • Flow, Fluid, Level Process Control System
  • Sensors (Flow Meters, Pressure Sensors, Force Sensors, Fill Sensors, Velocity Sensors, Speed Sensors, Stress Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Acidity Sensors, Weight Sensors, etc.)
  • Flow Meters – linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a gas or a liquid(Positive Displacement, Differential, Inferential, etc.)
  • Force Sensors (Mechanical, Hydraulic, Strain Gauge, etc.)
  • Pressure Sensors (Piston Pressure Sensors, Diaphragm, Bourdon Tube, etc.)
  • Temperature Sensors (Thermocouple, Liquid Expansion, Bimetallic, etc.)
  • Process Performance Pp and Ppk Cp and Cpk Statistical Process Control
  • Cpk Process Validation
  • DCS Process Validation
  • Inspection Measuring and Test Equipment (IMTE)

J&W’s process control system offerings provide much more than just traditional control system design and sales.

We offer the engineering and integration of your process measurement, process control, industrial safety systems automation software and maintenance plans under one roof.

We sell and develop innovative technologies with advanced applications that can improve your businesses agility, process performances, asset management functionality and staff effectiveness.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to unify people with processes, business and asset management, increase process effectiveness, improve business performance and increase productivity and profitability, making our client’s businesses more proactive, efficient and responsive.

Discover the difference we can make in your business by contacting us using the phone number or form on this page right now!

Metrological Test Equipment Calibration Services

J&W Instruments has set the standard for traceable calibration services in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our expert staff calibrates and services instruments in just about every industrial industry for most parameters. We offer routine calibrations, validation, process verification and process certifications.

In addition to our company’s commitment to improving and developing improved and innovative ways to serve our customers, we hold a A2LA ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

Our Calibration Services:

  • Expert Metrologists
  • A2LA ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory
  • AC and DC Circuits
  • Analytical Equipment (Chlorine, Streaming Current, Fluoride, and more)
  • Conductivity (Analytical and Process Transmitters)
  • Flow (Fluid, Gas, Open Channel)
  • Level (Pressure, Capacitance, Ultrasonic, Radar)
  • Pressure Devices (Controllers, Transmitters, Gauges, Recorders, Switches, from Vacuum to 10,000 psi)
  • High Pot Testers
  • Turbidity
  • Rectifiers
  • Loop (Single and Multi-loop systems)
  • pH (Analytical and Process Transmitters)
  • Relative Humidity (Controllers, Transmitters, Recorders)
  • Speed (RPM, Yardage Counters, Encoders)
  • Stop Watches
  • Temperature Process Controllers, Transmitters, Indicators, Recorders, Thermometers
  • Programmable Logic Controller – PLC System Inputs and Data Acquisition Systems, SCADA Systems, PC Controllers


Over 50 years of experience servicing many basic to highly sophisticated industrial and accredited testing laboratory environments makes our services uniquely valuable. Quality Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Equipment and Calibration Validation services, application of SCADA system and process measurement expertise enable our company to provide a full spectrum suite of offerings and services that enable our customers to thrive. Whether you need scope of accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Calibration Services or Field Calibration Services, J&W Instruments Inc. will be a valuable partner in your growth and accountability. Simply ask the hundreds of customers using our services today!

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