NOSHOK is known as an industry leader in pressure, force, and temperature instrumentation. They have a full lineup of instrumentation, including pressure gauges, switches, transmitters, and transducers; diaphragm seals; level transmitters; RTD’s and thermometers; and instrumentation valves. Among the industries they serve are the oil and gas, food, dairy, water, and waste water markets.

Data Sheets

Pressure Transmitters

100 Current Output
200 Voltage Output
615 & 616 High Accuracy
640 Heavy Duty
660 High Performance
800 Transmitter/Switch

300 Compact
650 High Volume

Hazardous Location
621 & 622 Explosion Proof
623 & 624 Non Incendive
625 & 626 Intrinsically Safe
628 I.S. Hammer Union

11 Pressure
25 Pressure and Level
30 Snorkel Type

Pressure Gauges

Dial Indicating
100 Series ABS and Steel Dry Case
200 Series Low Pressure Dry Case
300 Series Brass Case
400/500 Series Stainless Steel Case
402/502 Series High Pressure SS Case
600/700 Series Process Gauges
800 Series Precision Test Gauge
900 Series ABS and Steel Filled Case

1000 Series

1000 Series Piston Type
1100 Series Diaphragm Type

10 Series Fractional Gauge
10 Series Heavy Duty Gauge

Pressure Switches

100 Series Compact SPST
200 Series Compact SPDT
300 Series Compact SPDT w/ Adj. Hysteresis
400 Series Heavy Duty

800 Series Transmitter/Switch

Submersible Level Transmitters

611 Series Small Diameter
612 Series General Purpose
613 Series Caged
627 Series Intrinsically Safe
20 Series Sanitary