A-T Controls is known as a worldwide leader in manual and automated valves. They offer a variety of valves and actuators which offer solutions to problems in many different industries. A-T Controls also stocks many of their valves and actuators, which greatly reduces lead time for critical industries. Contact us NOW and make J&W Instruments your chosen A-T Control distributor!

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Video Tutorials

Mounting and Adjusting an Actuator to a Valve

Seat Replacement On Series 90 3 Piece Ball Valve

Calibrating a Series SS2 Positioner

Body Seal Replacement for Series F88, F8R, & F83

Convert a Rack & Pinion Actuator to Reverse Acting

Calibrating a Series EPR 1000 Positioner

Seat Replacement On Series 88 3 Piece Ball Valve

WEM Actuator – Calibration and Trouble Shooting

Setting Series APL 310 Limit Switches